Cookbook Fundraising

Creating a cookbook is a lucrative and meaningful fundraising idea and it has never been easier. No more volunteer time is spent typing recipes or collecting order forms and money, it’s all done online.

You can make your cookbook fundraiser more profitable by allowing sponsors to advertise within your cookbook. You can also boost sales by allowing each child or family to create their very own personalised cover using illustrations or photos. Children can also illustrate their own recipes.

Sharing tried and tested family recipes with friends and adding personal touches, makes for a wonderfully unique gift and each cookbook will become a cherished family keepsake.

Cookbook fundraising in a few easy steps:

  • Create your online book template
  • Invite contacts to submit recipes and/or images
  • Edit and style the cookbook
  • Invite contact to purchase the finished product
  • Distribute books

For more details on the process go to how it works or contact us.

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