School Fundraising Ideas

Schoolyard Stories offers your school a variety of meaningful, healthy fundraising ideas based around publishing books. Our fundraising ideas allow your students to benefit from the fundraising activity itself, as well as the actual money raised for their school.

SYS publishes books created by children. Our aim to get kids excited about reading, writing, art and healthy eating by seeing their work published in a real book. Books are sold within your school community and all profits from sales go back to your school.Sponsorships are a great way increase your profits and our personalisation options really help boost sales by making each book unique for every family. Any book you choose to create will make a special gift and become a cherished family keepsake.

Here are our fundraising ideas, but you may have a better one that we’d be happy help you with:

Cookbooks are a great way to share tried and tested family recipes. No need to type recipes or collect order forms and money, it can be all done online…AND…every child can create their very own cover!

Compilation storybooks can be run as a whole school or grade level literacy activity whereby each student writes a story that are compiled into a volume of works…AND…every child can create their own cover!

Portfolios are a wonderful way for student to collect and display their year’s school work and achievements in a professionally bound individual book.

Yearbooks are a meaningful, affordable end of year gift for any graduating class.

Picture books and novels can be created by children and sold within your school community in the form of a book fair or part of a school fete.

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