9 October 2016

Don’t Take Education For Granted

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The importance of a good education has been drilled into my sole for as long as I can remember and with good reason…my Mother was never allowed to go to school.

I recently wrote a piece about my Mother for a segment (that I love) on 774 ABC radio in Melbourne called Changing Tracks. To my delight, it was aired and my family and I all sat around the radio like it was 1940 listening, crying and laughing, while Rafael Epstein read my story in his captivating voice.

After I wrote it and it was “published” I felt an overwhelming sense of pride and for me, this truly validated what Schoolyard Stories is all about. If I was so thrilled about someone liking my story enough to share it, how proud would a child be?

Here is my story. I hope it inspires you to write one too.