9 October 2016


I’ve been thinking how I’d love to get back into the classroom and share my experiences as a publisher with kids! I’ve finally done it. I have completed one of four school incursion programs and I am excited to share it with the education community.

This cross curricular workshop is for Years 5-7. It focuses on highlighting the strengths and interests of every student by encouraging active contribution towards a common goal. Our aim is to get students excited about books and what better way to do that than allowing them to experience The Business of Book Building?

We begin with an exciting and inspiring overview of the publishing process, touching on every aspect from writing through to marketing and sales. Students are opened up to the prospect of developing a product and making real profits. They discover how (as a team) they can plan launches and events to boost sales and create their own publishing brand. Students choose their areas of strengths and interests and actually become writers, illustrators, editors, graphic designers, accountants, marketers and event coordinators.

Working in groups, they are provided with the guidance and information they need to enable them to devise a project proposal to present to their teachers and peers.

After the incursion, students’ initial plans will change and evolve as they delve deeper into research and discussions. They will be given access to the SYS publishing tool to create their books online as well as a framework of resources to guide them through each part of the business process. Students and teachers are encouraged to contact me with any questions or concerns they have. Upon completing their books they will receive an electronic version, however, it would be sensational to see their overall plan come to full fruition and actually print real books.

Printing comes at an extra cost but your amazing entrepreneurs will have planned how to offset their printing costs and even raise funds for your school. I will be available to provide support and guidance throughout the printing process and would enjoy the opportunity to attend your school’s spectacular launch or event.

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