Online Publisher Help

Here is a list of Help topics to help you with our online publisher.  You can use our search field at the top right of this page. If you weren’t able to find what your are looking for, please feel free to Contact Us

Getting started with SYS online publisher

Create New Online Publishing Project:

  • Log into your SYS online publisher account
  • Click on PROJECTS tab (top menu bar)
  • Click on CREATEicon
    *Note: if you cannot see the create icon you may have created a submitter only account.
  • Name your book
  • Choose your book type, size, print type and page total from drop down menus
    *Note some book types restrict other options (eg. portfolios have 48 pages)
    Although you may alter number of pages, other options cannot be changed when set.

Setting up Class/Uploading Users:

    • After creating a new project go back to Projects page (top menu bar)
    • Click on ADD USERS icon icon
    • Add single user by filling in fields
    • Add several users by uploading a CSV file (link to Create CSV file)
    • Click on CHOOSE FILE
    • Choose CSV File from your computer
    • Click on UPLOAD USERS

Creating CSV File in Micrsoft Excel:

  • Open file
  • From OFFICE button drop down menu, choose SAVE FILE AS
  • Choose CSV (comma delimited)
  • SAVE

Familiarise Yourself with your Work Space

Taking the time to familiarise yourself with your SYS online publisher work space will save you a lot of time.
Here are some things to take note of:


On your left are the pages spreads.

  • Add pages using this icon-plus icon.
  • You must add or delete pages icon-delete two at a time (front and back).
  • From here you can drag pages to a different positions.
  • Red corners indicate that page has been worked on but not saved.
  • White corners indicate nothing is on the page.
  • Green corners indicate page has been worked on and saved.
  • Click on the page you want to work on and it will turn white
On the top of your page are the online publisher tools
  • The top level tools are generally relate to the page and/or adding items to the page.
  • The second level of tools generally relate to the items (images or text boxes).
  • The second level of tools are highlighted when they are available for use.
  • Hover your curser over each tool and the name/description of tool will appear.
  • The third level of tools appear when edit text tool icon-pencil is chosen.


Your Blank Working Pages

  • Your pages are double page spreads, as they will appear in your publication.
  • Pink arrows allow you to turn the page.
  • The white page is the one your are working on.
  • You can make your pages bigger or smaller by clicking the zoom in icon-zoomin or zoom out icon-zoomout icon on the top level of tools.


Using SYS Online Publisher

Why Create a PDF?:

  • The PDF that you create on the SYS website is for preview only. It will contain a watermark.
  • The PDF will give you a good indication of the of the final formatting of your book.
  • You can also test print a few pages to give you an idea of the quality of your images and text.

How To Create a PDF:

    • Open the project you wish to proof.
    • On the top right hand side of the publishing page you will find export to PDF icon icon-printer.
    • Click on the icon to view your PDF in continuous pages.
    • To view your book in facing pages, Download-Open in Acrobat-click view-page layout-facing.
    • You can also use PREVIEW THIS BOOK icon icon-book , but this in NOT the most accurate presentation.

How to Add Images In SYS Online Publisher:

  • Click on ADD IMAGE FRAME icon icon-pic.
  • Your image frame will be grey indicating that you may alter image frame.
  • Click on the ADD IMAGE icon icon-pic-in located on the second row of tools.
  • Choose an image from my images, shared images or SYS images.
  • Click on the image you want to add and it will appear in the preview box.
  • Click ADD to add your image to your image frame.
    • Your frame will take the shape and size of the image you have chosen
    • Alternatively you may re size and lock your image frame into place.

Upload Images:

  • Click on ADD IMAGE FRAME icon icon-pic.
  • Your image frame will be grey indicating that you may alter image frame.
  • Click on the ADD IMAGE icon icon-pic-in located on the second row of tools.
  • Click UPLOAD IMAGE tab.
  • Then click on ADD IMAGES…
  • Choose image from your computer file (high resolution image will work best).
  • Large images will be re sized to the appropriate file size.
  • Small image cannot be re sized.
  • Click UPLOAD icon-upload .
  • Tick the SHARE box to share with others members of your publication.
  • Choose to rotate your image by degrees.

Alter Image Frame – Size

Add Border to Image Frame or Text Box

  • Click on text box or image frame so that it is highlight grey.
  • Click on SET BORDER icon icon-textboxlocated in the second row of tools.
  • Choose the style of border (from drop down menu).
  • Select the size (width) of the border (from drop down menu).
  • Determine the size of radius (rounded corners).
  • Click on colour to open your colour pallet and choose a colour.
  • Set

Choosing a Colour From Pallet

  • If you have an RGB colour code you may enter the figures directly into the fields and click set.
  • A Colour code will give you the most accurate colour.
  • On the vertical colour pallet drag the arrows up and down until you have a desired colour.
  • Move the dot in the square colour pallet to obtain desired shade.
  • Click on set.
  • If you are using the same colour several times over, jotting down the RGB code will save time an ensure colour consistency.
  • Colours on your screen will almost always appear differently in print.
  • Test your colours by printing a page from PDF.

Add Background Colour to Text Box or Image Frame

  • Click on text box or image frame so that it is highlighted in grey.
  • Click on ADD BACKGROUND COLOUR icon icon-paint in second row of tools.
  • Now choose colour from pallet.

Lock Image Frame or Text Box in Place

  • Click on an image frame or text box to highlight it grey.
  • Click on LOCK icon-lock icon.
  • Locking image frame in place also allows you to move and zoom image within the frame.

Move and Zoom Image

  • When you lock image frame you can move and zoom.
  • To Zoom, ensure that you click on the frame so that it is highlighted in grey.
  • Use the ZOOM IN icon-zoominv1 or ZOOM OUT icon-zoomout1 icons.
  • To move image within frame ensure that you click outside the image frame so that the frame in NOT highlighted grey.
  • drag the photo around inside locked frame to desired position.

Rotate Image Frame or Text Box Left and Right

  • Click on image frame or text box to highlight it grey.
  • Click on ROTATE LEFT icon-rotatea or ROTATE RIGHT icon-rotateb icon on second level tools.

Crop image with SYS Online Publisher

  • After adding image to your page you can crop it.
  • Click on image so it is highlighted grey.
  • Click on CROP icon-crop icon.
  • The image will appear in a large box.
  • Use the + to set where you want to start your crop.
  • Drag to create a grey crop frame.
  • Click and drag the crop frame to desired position.
  • Set.
  • Images in locked frames cannot be cropped.

Move Image Frame and Text Box Forward or Back

  • You can create layers by moving image frame and text boxes forward and backwards.
  • Click on image frame or text box so that is highlighted in grey.
  • Click on MOVE FRONT icon-front or MOVE BACK icon-back icon.

How To Add Text With SYS Online Publisher

  • Click on ADD TEXT icon icon-t.
  • You will see a curser and you may start typing right away.
  • If the box is grey click on the EDIT TEXT tool icon-pencil to start typing.
  • You can also double click into the grey text box to start typing.
  • Your default text border is black, you can change it with Set Border.icon-textbox
  • You can alter text box when it is shaded grey.
  • Simply click out and back into your text box to highlight it grey.

Alter Text Box-Size and Location

Edit Text

  • When text box is transparent you can simply highlight the text and change.
  • You can change a grey text box to transparent by double clicking on it.
  • When the text box is grey click on the EDIT TEXT icon-pencil icon.
  • A third level of tools will appear.edit-bar
  • Highlight text by dragging curser over text and use tools to edit text.
  • Change Font Size & Style font-bar Click on arrow to display options
  • Align text align-bar
  • Underline, Bold, Italic Text font-style-bar
  • Cut Copy Paste Text text-bar
  • Highlight Text highlight-bar click on arrow to display basic colour pallet choices
  • Change Text Colour – 3 different tools

Adding Templates With SYS Online Publisher

  • Click on SELECT TEMPLATE icon-template icon.
  • Scroll through a variety of templates. Templates make publishing online easier.
  • Click on template of your choice.
  • Choose SET TO ALL to apply to all pages.
  • Choose SET TO apply to the page you are on.
  • Applying to all pages works well at the beginning of your project if most of the pages will be the same.
  • You can delete some later.
  • Alternative you may add a template to one page and then copy pages.
    *Note: Applying template to pages will delete any work on those pages.

Copy Pages

  • After creating a page click on the COPY PAGE icon-copy icon.
  • Click on COPY TO ALL – *Note: this will delete all other work on the entire document.
  • To choose pages you’d like copied, type in the page numbers and choose from drop down menu.
  • You can add as many pages as you like. *Any work on the pages you choose to copy to will be deleted
  • When all pages have been chosen, click COPY (NOT COPY TO ALL).
  • *Note: COPY will copy to the pages you have chosen COPY TO ALL will copy the the entire document