Book Cover Ideas

SYS is always available to help you craft a unique cover for your school/organisation. Here are just a few of our ideas, but you may create something completely different.

Cover Competition

Many schools/organisations enjoy holding artwork or photo competition for the front cover. You can use our cover template or create your own. Ensure participants work on paper no larger than A4 so that the artwork can be easily scanned or photographed. Ensure photos are large high resolution files, usually a minimum of 1MB or 1,000kb. Runners up artwork may be used on chapter pages or throughout your publication. There are also great samples that illustrate the dos and don’ts of great cover art for junior and senior students.

Mosaic Covers

Smaller schools and pre-schools may want to create a mosaic that includes every child’s work. You can use our cover template or create your own, but generally squares are easiest to work with. Space is provided on both the front and back cover. Make sure that students work on a square piece of paper no larger than 200mm X 200mm and cover the entire square. You can download Pre-School Sample Cover-Chapter art as a guide.

Personalised Covers

SYS allows EVERY student/participant to design their own unique cover. A central coordinator can create an online cover template with set colours, title, logo and/or year, while leaving blank placeholder frames for participants to add their names, photos and/or artwork . Alternatively the coordinator can leave the cover blank and allow every participant free range to come up with their very own design. The coordinator simply sends out email invitations to all participants and allows them to do the rest on our user friendly online publishing program.

Logo and Colours

You may also wish to incorporate your school/organisation logo and/or colours. This is easily done, but it is important to obtain a high resolution file of your logo for printing. Most images that are on the internet are compressed to reduce the file size. Ensure your logo is a minimum of 1MB or 1,000kb.

Templates are available on our Free Downloads page or by clicking the links above.