Make Your Own Storybook

A Storybook Fundraiser or Literacy Project

Imagine if your students become published authors! Imagine their pride! It is so easy to make your own storybook and the options are vast! A literacy fundraiser is new and rewarding. Students will earn and learn.

We can help with any publishing idea you may have. You can work online or on paper. From whole school compilations to individual picture storybooks, the possibilities are endless, the results are inspirational.

Here are some “make your own storybook” ideas that we have. You may have a different idea and we’d love to hear about it. Simply contact us to discuss your vision.

Make a compilation storybook in your students own handwriting:

This can be a year level project or whole school project. SYS will send you a publishing kit complete with templates and instructions. We can also scan and put the book together for you. Go a step further and allow each student to create their own personalised cover. Why not run your literacy activity as a fundraiser?

Make a compilation of creations:

Using our online publishing tool, assign a page or two to each student and let them get creative with writing, art and photos. You have the ability block students from viewing other submissions, to set templates and edit work.

Make your own art book:

Take scans or photos of the wonderful artwork your students have produced throughout the year and compile them into a beautiful keepsake. Add stories or anecdotes if you wish.

Make your own picture storybooks:

Allow kids to work on their own, or pair talented writers with talented illustrators. It makes a great buddy activity. Showcase their work in the form of a book fair and include author signing sessions.

Make your own readers:

Give older students a format to follow to create readers for younger grades. They may need to use “Magic Words” and stick to a specific page count. This makes wonderful buddy activity and an innovative way to create more relevant, meaningful readers for your school.

Hold a writer’s workshop:

Have SYS come to your school for an exciting publishing incursion. Children learn about the entire publishing process, from the steps to writing great stories and producing wonderful illustrations, right through to editing and production. Each group will receive an online book and we can offer your school hard copy options.

For more details on the process go to how it works or contact us.

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