How will SYS support me though the publishing process? Our publishing tools are very user friendly and there are information videos on every aspect of publishing. If you are still stuck after viewing the videos, you can contact us for a chat or email us with any questions and depending on your location, we can come to you for a full information seminar or set up a webinar.

How do I know if I will be happy with my book? SYS will send you a sample book upon request. This will give you and idea of the quality of books we publish. A hard copy proof can be requested for large print runs of group books. There are precautions in place to ensure that text falls within the appropriate margins and warnings that let you know if your photo resolution is too low. It is your responsibility to edit your book. What you see on the screen is generally how it will be printed, but colours will vary as every computer screen is different.

How long does it take to print the books? Printing generally takes about 2-4 weeks.

How many volunteer hours are needed? This depends on how much control you want over your project. If you are allowing everyone to do what they wish, it could take as little as 15 mins to set up. If you want to set page templates and styles, it could take a lot longer. Book distribution also depends on the size of you organisation.

Can you include children’s photos? Yes, but your school or organisation is responsible to obtain parental consent and agree to SYS terms and conditions stating that consent has been obtained.

Are there any hidden costs? No, the only cost that may vary is delivery. Delivery to one metropolitan area within Australia is included. If outside of metropolitan Australia, we will quote you on delivery charges upon request.

I am trying to create an new project but I cannot see the create Icon.
Only a Coordinator/Teacher can create a new book. Students/submitters can only add to an existing book. When creating your account you may have given yourself a submitter role instead of coordinator. You can create another account or contact SYS for further assistance.