Testimonials: Self Publishing With Schoolyard Stories

Here are why some of Australia’s teachers, parents and best known authors like self publishing with Schoolyard Stories.

How it works

Andy Griffiths, Author

Andy Griffiths one of Australia’s most popular and well-loved children’s authors says, “Schoolyard Stories is a brilliant idea. Writing is so much easier if you have a clear purpose in mind, and what better purpose could there be than to raise money for your very own school?”

How it works

Jen McVeity, Author

“With the goal of engaging children to write and have fun doing it, Schoolyard Stories is an excellent and very worthwhile idea.” Jen McVeity, Celebrated Australian Author of over 20 books, including the popularyear 7/8 text, Dreamcatcher. For advice from Jen on how to write a great story Teachers go to www.highlightingwriting.com Parents go to www.sevenstepswriting.com

How it works

Craig Tanner, Principal

“One of the simplest yet profitable fundraisers we have ever had at the school. Launching it during book week was an added bonus!” Craig Tanner, Principal, Hughesdale Primary School

How it works

Andrea Teague, Parent

“Schoolyard Stories is a refreshing fundraiser. The books are of a truly high quality and a fun read. My son and all of his friends were so excited to see their own words in a real book.” Andrea Teague, Parent, Hughesdale Primary School

How it works

Michelle Ball, Teacher/Director

“Publishing with Schoolyard Stories was a very smooth process and easy to incorporate into the program.  The children thoroughly enjoyed viewing their work in the form of this book, and often referred back to it later in the year.” Michelle Ball, Kindergarten Teacher/Director, Murrumbeena Kindergarten

How it works

Duncan Arendse, Principal

“Our students were keen to be published authors, teachers found it easy to fit into normal classes and parents loved the keepsake of their child’s writing. An easy fundraiser requiring little effort that produces high quality work. A winner!” Duncan Arendse, Principal, St. John’s Euroa