Let’s get kids excited about reading and writing!

By allowing them to become published authors. Imagine the pride felt by students knowing their book helped raised much needed funds.

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Supporting Improved Literacy Outcomes

Students learn throughout the publishing process. From their initial ideas they will write, rewrite, edit and edit again. Their journey will be as rewarding as their final destination. Our online publishing program is a valuable tool for teachers and/or volunteer
committee members.

Proud Student Authors

A compilation storybook is a perfect platform to showcase students’ talent in your own class or your entire school. By inviting them to submit stories, poems or essays with or without accompanying artwork, children, families and communities come together through their active contribution towards a common goal. They will take pride when seeing their work published in a real book and will enjoy reading what their friends have written.

A Meaningful Fundraiser

Schoolyard Stories books help raise funds in a meaningful way. Your school will benefit from this fundraising activity as well as the money raised. You can make your fundraiser more profitable by allowing local businesses to sponsor your book. There are so many creative ideas and ways you can sell your books. Launch your SYS storybook during Book Week, hold your own book fair complete with author readings, illustrator demos and book signing, have a stall at your annual school carnival or simply invite families to purchase.

“Schoolyard Stories is a brilliant idea. Writing is so much easier if you have a clear purpose in mind, and what better purpose could there be than to raise money for your very own school?”

— Andy Griffiths one of Australia’s most popular and well-loved children’s authors

How much does it cost to make a book?

Books can coast as little as $5 each for an average order. Variables include finished size, colour, number of pages and quantity. For more details just download our price guide or contact us for a free quote.

How long does it take to print a book?

It takes about 10 working days from the time you approve your proof until the time your books arrive at your door (within Australia). Free sample books are available upon request.

How will SYS support me to prduce a book?

You can speak with a real person 7 days a week or contact us through email. We provide free design services, helpful video tutorials and a publishing kit that includes everything you need.

Contact us for a sample, filled with ideas and information to spark your imagination.

Get a free sample book